Free live workshop:

Grow your career with pro design skills

Hosted by Peter Bone of Designtuitive on Wednesday 18th July at 1pm Eastern


Join our free workshop and learn:

  • How and why design has changed
  • How to thrive in the new design landscape 
  • Why design is now an essential skill for everybody
  • What separates pro from amateur designers
  • The key tools and terminology you should know


Why this workshop?

Design and Marketing used to be completely separate worlds. Now it’s harder than ever to tell them apart. So in 2018, even though you’re trained as a marketer, you’re expected to have design skills too. Even though you probably didn’t train to do that. 

How do you make sense of this new design / marketing landscape? What skills do you need for your marketing career to thrive in 2018? Peter Bone, who’s taught design and software skills to thousands of marketers, will show you a way to make sense of this newly emerging world.