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InDesign Text: Pro vs Amateur [1/3]


In this 3 part mini-series we’re going to be looking in depth at how to get more professional results with text when using InDesign. 

In the first of this 3 part mini-series you’ll learn:

  • How professional designers work with text in InDesign
  • How to be 100% certain your text is consistent
  • How to get more creative with text in InDesign

If you want more professional results when working with text InDesign, I’d suggest that essentially means three things: 

  • More confidence
  • More creativity 
  • More consistency. 

It means that you can be confident that you’ve applied all the creative features that you want, that you can change them, and that those changes will be applied consistently throughout your document. And if, for some reason, they become inconsistent, you’ll know about it.

There is one InDesign feature that gives you all of that: Paragraph Styles. Watch this 3 minute video to learn more:


In the next part of the series you’ll learn how to create Paragraph Styles.